March 22, 2014

How to Submit a Press Release?

Press Release submission is very important for a website. Press Release can help page rank increase on your site. Today, I want to share, how to submit a press release?

Step: 1
Enter Your Contact Information
Before you write your release, please make sure you enter your correct email address. If you do not receive the press release after clicking submits, check your spam mail box.
Email address:   

Step 2:
Add Your Press Release Details
Release Timing:
NOTE: Use FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE or HOLD FOR RELEASE UNTIL (date). Be warned that a hold request may not always be honoured.

Step 3:
TIPS: Enter the type of editor you wish to reach, for example ATTENTION BUSINESS EDITORS.

Step 4:
Tips: Keep your title short and catchy. Use alliterations, colons, or offer tips.

Step 5:
This is optional: many companies include a sub-title in addition to the main headline.

Step 6:
TIPS: Enter the date that the release will be distributed on. For example, March 3, 1998.

Step 7:
TIPS: Enter the location that the release will be distributed from. For example, Stouffville, ON, Canada.

Step 8:
Introductory Paragraph:
TIPS: Create an interest-catching introduction to your release that answers the questions: who, what, where and when.

Step 9:
Second Paragraph:
TIPS: Include a brief description of the products, services, event, or company including any facts supporting its significance.

Step 10:
Subsequent Paragraphs:
TIPS: Include less important facts and supporting information.

Step 11:
For Further Information...
TIPS: Tell the media who they can follow up with, and provide contact information here.

Step 12:
About your company:
TIPS: A sentence that briefly describes your company and its central offerings. For example, "Your company name is a company offering ... (3 key points, you might want to mention your industry here) ... ".


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